Head and Heart

I’ve got this head on my shoulders,

I’ve got this heart in my chest.

The latter has long stopped beating,

The former is mad at best.

I guess you could say I’m crazy,

Guess you could tell me to run.

But I am so sick of running,

And it just ruins the fun.

I like to see when they’re angry,

I like to see when they lose.

I’m not some substance, my darling;

I’m not something you can use.

Heart tells me that I still love you,

Head says that you’re just a fool.

But then at the end of the day,

Both can agree you’re a tool.

Maybe you’ll lay off the insults;

Maybe you’ll tell me I’m sweet.

Maybe my pleading will change you;

Finally admit defeat.

It wouldn’t kill you to call me,

Or recall why we first fell.

But if you don’t get the message,

Babe, you can go right to hell.


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