The Devil’s Work

Stretch out your bones;

There is work to be done.

Out in the dark,

For I so loathe the sun.

Take up your axe,

And come dancing with me.

Touch the dark clouds,

Taste the salt of the sea.

Fill up your lungs

With the smog and the smoke.

Smile, won’t you, dear?

I love watching you choke.

If you feel sick,

In the ground you can rest.

Foot in my mouth;

Can’t you tell I’m obsessed?

Angels are real,

For I’ve seen you in white.

As for your heart,

It is black as the night.

I have seen hate

In the smoke of your gun.

Angels are cute,

But a demon’s more fun.

Come out and play,

There are laughs to be had.

Life is a game!

It’s so good to be bad.

The light and dark

Are at war for your soul.

Change, if you like;

As if you’re in control.

You call it love,

I say it’s just a game.

We’re both so lost;

It is always the same.

You stir my blood

With but a single glance.

Bring down those hopes;

It’s nothing more than chance.

I’ll teach you fear;

You will learn it in time.

Are you prepared

To commit this last crime?

Do not delay,

Let us take up our swords.

People still say

They’re less mighty than words.

Would you say that

With a knife in your gut?

Or would you scream

That blades have a worse cut?

Stretch out your arms,

Let the wind fill your eyes.

Red in the dark,

With the thieves and the spies.

We are no saints;

There are things we regret.

Just let me in;

I will help you forget.


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