The Roles We’re Cast

We’re far too young to have a past,

But frankly, things go by too fast.

The lives we live aren’t meant to last;

We can’t defy the roles we’re cast.

Your fever’s raging through my veins;

Don’t worry, it’s just growing pains.

You were so quick to take the reins;

Your love has left my skin with stains.

You came, you saw, you left behind;

You left me though I pined and pined.

Your plan was never quite defined

Until you said you’d changed your mind.

Now here I stand, rebuffed, alone;

I’d like to say that I am done.

Stitches fall out, can’t be resewn;

I’d like to leave but I’m not gone.

I’m wearing scars that you don’t see;

A myriad of pain in me.

Ambitions swallowed by the sea,

And dreams that are doomed not to be.

Those that leave cannot be rewon;

I chase you even though you’re gone.

I do not know why I still run;

My eyes are blinded by your sun.

And if you ever wander back,

You’ll find me mourning, all in black,

But I swear I will not take you back.

Our train has long since lost its track.

I love you because you can’t stay,

Because you’re gone by the next day.

You always cause my heart to fray;

But somehow I prefer this way.


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