The Coming End

When I look at him, I know:

He’ll dissolve me into nothing.

He will turn my soul to dust;

He shall be my undoing.

There is something in his eyes

That tells me I should not dwell.

But still I dive in head-first

Though I know it won’t end well.

When he grins at me, I know—

Though I wish it were not true—

That this boy will be my death,

He will cleave my heart in two.

He will lead me to my grave,

Both his hands so soft and warm.

I will let him bury me;

I will love him though he harms.

Like they know we have no chance,

They all whisper as we pass.

And although they are not wrong,

Their words shatter me like glass.

And if they know, so must he.

He must see right through my mask.

I pretend that we’re okay,

But that’s not an easy task.

I fear he’s the only one

Who could sever me in two.

I have not been hurt before,

So to me these wounds are new.

When I first saw him, I knew:

He would bring me to my knees.

He will melt me down to ash

And I’ll scatter in the breeze.

But I know it will be worth

All the pain he’ll put me through.

Just to love him for a day

Will make up for what can’t be.

I won’t answer when he asks

Why I’m crying in the car.

When he leaves me he will know:

Every distance is too far.


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