Don’t Leave Me Waiting

I love but do not speak it;

It is the secret that I keep.

I wish that I could say that

I don’t love quite so very deep.

But my love is an ocean—

Watch as it’s spreading far and wide.

I don’t want you to see it;

It is the thing I wish to hide.

But I’m not good at masking

All of the things that make me bleed.

You cut me with your smiles;

They’re what I wish I didn’t need.

I wish that I could tell you

All of the things I wish to say.

They’re frozen on my tongue now,

But they refuse to go away.

I know that you will hurt me;

I hear the warning in my head.

But that won’t stop my hurting;

It will not kill these feelings dead.

My sister’s fond of tearing

Up all the things that make her sad.

But I just let mine fester;

I let my demons drive me mad.

I know that you don’t notice,

That you don’t have the slightest clue.

You don’t know that I’m breaking

Each and every rule for you.

But if you could just listen,

And gently pull me to your chest.

Don’t know if I could love you,

But I would try my very best.

You are too lovely for me;

You are something I cannot touch.

I wish that I could reach you,

And that my words could mean that much.

But words are made for building

Worlds that could and will never be.

What will become of all this?

It is no longer up to me.

I’ll leave you with your questions,

The only answers in your hands.

Unless you deign to speak them,

I fear I’ll never understand.

So if you want to leave me:

Just say the words and let me go.

But if there is the smallest chance…

Take both my hands and let me know.

I just need you to tell me

If all these words have left a mark.

Just please do this thing for me;

Don’t leave me waiting in the dark.


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