The Noose

Being with you is like a noose round my neck

You shatter like glass, and it leaves you a wreck.

When I am with you, it’s like owning a debt.

What would it have been like, if we’d never met?

Would my life be easy, or would it be worse?

Just being with you is a job, it’s a curse.

If I said goodbye, would you thrash, would you shout?

I guess that it’s just…I’m afraid to get out.

I would like to slip, till I’m nothing but gone;

I’d just like to say this is it, I am done.

But all of those words will just die on my lips

And you’ll just keep pulling my heart till it rips.

I keep on hearing the things that you say,

But your words are causing my heartstrings to fray.

Stop playing the victim, the poor thing, the glass;

You shatter, you splinter, but all this will pass.

By next week, you will be all shiny and new;

You’ll get out some wine, and you’ll swear we aren’t through.

When you aren’t looking, I will scream and I’ll cry;

Too weak to get up, and I don’t yet know why.

Your words are like bruises that no one will see;

But I have to get up—I have to—for me.

I’ll break off your shackles, and run through the house.

I am a dragon, I was never a mouse.

I am made of iron, and not of your glass.

I shatter, I splinter, but all this will pass.


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