Bearing Crosses

I saw you swinging from the birch;

It felt like stumbling into church

After many years of sin and lust,

After my heart had turned to rust.

I thought naught of your thorny crown;

Stitched your gospel into my gown.

I married you through broken bread,

And kissed the scars upon your head.

I’ve earned your love with tears of blood,

Remained your ark throughout the flood.

I wear this cross around my neck,

Though loving you leaves me a wreck.

Their prophesies have all come true;

I’ve killed myself by loving you.

I pray I can be better now,

Smear holy water on my brow.

My prayers don’t seem to reach your ear,

Though the devil is drawing near.

I’ve tried, but I can’t save your soul;

Bearing crosses will take its toll.

I would have died to set you free;

You’ve made a martyr out of me.


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