Holes in Your Sweater

There are holes in your sweater

I don’t think that I can mend.

I’ve written you love letters

That I know I’ll never send.

My soul is grey and bitter,

There are flaws that you can’t see.

I guess I am just hoping

That these faults won’t make you flee.

My words don’t do you justice;

I have done this the wrong way.

I may screw this whole thing up,

But, no matter what, I’ll stay.

Tell me all of your secrets;

I will hold them to my chest.

Give me all of your reasons;

I will give you all my best.

My sadness might not falter—

Insecurities won’t budge.

Your smiles make me lighter;

All I need’s a little nudge.

I’m standing on the edge now,

But I’m still afraid to leap.

Just tell me that you love me;

Give me a heart I can keep.


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