He came into my life like vodka…


He came into my life like vodka—

It was all too much, too fast, too soon.

His lips tasted like a Jell-O shot,

And I ended up drunk before noon.

But now a bitter sun has risen,

And my lover could no longer stay.

It will take so much more than Advil

To make this hangover go away.

Game of Chess.

Let’s play…

We are dancing around the board;

I’m on a black square, you’ve found the white.

You say it’s fine if I hurt you—

I hope that is true because I might.

There’s a knight standing beside me,

And a bishop that beckons you still.

Perhaps we should cut this game short;

By now, we both should have had our fill.

You suggest we let this play out,

And because I don’t want it to end,

I’m willing to finish this round—

Although it’s torture, I won’t pretend.

The pieces are all out of whack;

We are playing a game we can’t win.

But we’re dancing around the board,

And I just want one last little spin.

Checkmate is mine for the taking,

But I want this sick game to go on.

You have made me feel like a Queen,

Though I’m probably only a pawn.

Perhaps you weren’t clear on the rules,

Or thought it was alright to cheat.

My strategy has been all wrong;

The force will knock us off of our feet.

This has cost us both far too much,

But somehow I do not love you less.

We should never have dared to play

Such a goddamn twisted game of chess.

Thin Air.

My mother said I look lifeless…

My mother said I look lifeless,

And I am inclined to agree.

I’ve taken an undead pallor;

You have made a ghost out of me.

The blame’s not entirely yours,

Though you certainly had a hand.

I have done this thing to myself,

Though it wasn’t the least bit planned.

I wanted to make myself scarce,

And disappear into thin air.

Any place is purgatory

As long as you are not found there.


“You will lose each other…”

“You will lose each other.”

We panic and we flail.

No, this cannot happen—

The loss would haunt us both.

Our ache is ancient;

Our story is not new.

We have loved too deeply,

And for not long enough.

So we devise a plan:

He and I will tiptoe,

And whisper “I love you”

Where no one can hear us.

We will keep still and calm,

And try our very best

Not to wound each other

With any careless words.

But we would be wounded,

And the loss would haunt,

Because for every laugh

That the two of us shared,

There would be a tear shed,

And an angry bruise formed.

We were greedy, you see—

Greedy for each other.

There was never enough…

Time, kisses, private jokes.

I swear our friends could tell;

Warning was in their eyes.

We did not know it then,

But we would destroy this.

Somewhere along the way,

The foundation rotted.

We panicked and we flailed,

And then the floor gave out.

The dust hasn’t settled;

It hangs there, suspended.

This burden is weighty,

But I bear it alone.

You once called this fate.


We have loved too deeply,

And for not long enough.

Bonnie and Clyde.

Ride or die…

How to describe you and I?
We are two truths and a lie,
An are-you-kidding-me sigh,
A we-both-lost kind of tie.
I’m the Bonnie to your Clyde,
A let’s-get-out-of-here ride,
A scrape-across-the-shore tide,
A lost-my-footing downslide.
You’re a wreck less wrecking ball,
An I-can’t-talk-right-now call,
A please-do-not-leave me crawl,
A there’s-no-net kind of fall.
How to describe you and me?
We’re an I-can’t-hear-you plea,
A drown-your-love kind of sea–
And we will never be free.

The Spider and the Fly.

There was a spider…

Once, there was a small spider

Who lived in a mine that had caved.

It sat patiently watching

Little flies that would not be saved.

It spent its days in the darkness,

Among so much ruin and rot.

But something isn’t right here;

This isn’t what you might have thought.

The spider wasn’t evil,

The fly was not nothing but dumb.

It caught itself in the web,

And the venom made it go numb.

This fly had once been called good,

Wonderful, and clever, and bright.

But something had gone quite wrong;

It wandered away from the light.

Out came the spider, with stealth,

Eyes looking so earnest and kind.

They fancied each other friends,

But how could they both be so blind?

Their truce was not meant to last;

It was little more than a lie.

The fly wounded the spider,

And the spider wounded the fly.

Bleeding, they scurried away,

Each trying to clean up the mess.

All the old, good things now hurt;

It wasn’t the same, I’ll confess.

We can’t undo what we’ve done,

Though we’ll both continue to try.

Now I must ask you, truly:

Am I the spider or the fly?


To my old self of the past…

To my old self of the past:

You will love but it won’t last,

It will all move very fast,

And then you will feel cheated.

You will start out fresh and new,

But you won’t have any clue,

And the way he looks at you

Will make your skin feel heated.

But the shine will turn to rust,

He will take from you your trust,

And under the spell of lust

You won’t know you’re mistreated.

You will say that it’s alright,

Though his grip is far too tight,

And you will put up no fight,

But still you’ll be defeated.